Introduction to anti-seepage geotextile membrane and the work we need to prepare before laying

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2024-03-25 11:54

      Anti seepage geotextile membrane is a high-performance and easy to install surface covering material. Its main function is to prevent liquids or gases from seeping into the ground, protect the environment and infrastructure.
Product features: The anti-seepage geotextile film has good tensile strength, high impact resistance, impermeability, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics, and is widely used in the construction industry in coastal areas. Used for engineering projects such as embankments, reservoirs, water diversion tunnels, highways, railways, airports, underground, and underwater. Anti seepage geomembrane has become an important material for modern national economic construction.
Product application:
1. Environmental protection and hygiene (such as landfill sites for household waste, sewage treatment plants, power plant regulating ponds, industrial and hospital solid waste, etc.)


2. Water conservancy (such as seepage prevention, leakage stoppage and reinforcement of Rivers and Lakes, reservoirs, dams, seepage prevention of canals, vertical core walls, slope protection, etc.)

3. Municipal engineering (subway, underground engineering of buildings, planting roofs, anti-seepage of rooftop gardens, lining of sewage pipes, etc.)

4. Gardens (artificial lakes, waterways, reservoirs, golf course pond bottom lining, slope protection, green lawns waterproof and moisture-proof, etc.)

5. Petrochemical (anti-seepage of oil storage tanks in chemical plants, refineries, gas stations, lining of chemical reaction tanks, sedimentation tanks, secondary lining, etc.)

6. Mining (washing pool, heap leaching pool, ash yard, dissolution pool, sedimentation tank, storage yard, bottom lining anti-seepage of tailings, etc.)

7. Transportation facilities (foundation reinforcement of highways, anti-seepage of culverts)

8. Agriculture (anti-seepage of reservoirs, drinking water tanks, storage ponds, irrigation systems)

9. Aquaculture industry (intensive and industrialized aquaculture ponds, fish ponds, shrimp ponds lining, sea cucumber enclosure slope protection, etc.)

10. Salt industry (salt crystallization tank, brine tank cover, salt film, salt tank plastic film)

The warp knitted composite reinforced waterproof geotextile has superior water resistance, durability, and protection. It can be widely used in railway, highway, sports hall, dam, hydraulic construction, Suidong, coastal mudflat, reclamation, environmental protection and other projects.

Preparation before laying:

Normally, when laying the anti-seepage geotextile on the foundation, welding will be carried out at the joints. Of course, preparing relevant details before laying can improve the quality of the laying and prevent quality issues from occurring. Therefore, in the actual construction welding process, what are the main details of the work?

1. The base surface needs to be treated flat and compact to prevent cracking and provide stronger stability and safety. Although anti-seepage geotextile membranes have good self-protection performance. However, for some special surfaces, damage is prone to occur. Once damage is encountered, it is important to promptly carry out repairs, otherwise the area of damage will become larger and affect the overall anti-seepage function.

2. The laying and welding of anti-seepage geotextile at the joints must reserve a certain length, otherwise severe deformation may occur in the event of excessive stretching. This will result in a significant decrease in one's own performance. It can be seen that in terms of construction welding, it is necessary to grasp the details and key points in order to improve the overall laying effect on the base surface. Truly doing better in such detailed work.

3. After the completion of the anti-seepage geotextile membrane construction and laying, a comprehensive inspection needs to be carried out to see if there are any areas that require quality repair in order to be successfully accepted. So, this is also an important detail work in actual construction welding. Never ignore the inspection work. If damage is not repaired in a timely manner, it will become increasingly severe. Mastering its detailed requirements will also be of great help in improving construction quality.


We have to be clear that the extensibility of the geomembrane is very important

We must make it clear that the extensibility of the geomembrane is very important, and we must improve the extensibility in a timely and targeted manner, so that we can better improve ourselves reasonably. We must make it clear that the extensibility of the geomembrane is very important, and we must improve the extensibility in a timely and targeted manner, so that we can better improve ourselves reasonably.

2019/03/20 15:52

The main function of geomembrane is to integrate anti-seepage and drainage into one

The characteristic of geomembrane is that the intersection of warp and weft is not curved, and each is in a straight state. Bind the two firmly with a binding wire, which can be more evenly synchronized, withstand external forces, and distribute stress. When the external force is applied to tear the material, the yarn will gather along the initial crack to increase the tear resistance.

2019/03/20 15:53

The sales of geomembranes in the market have always been very good

The sales status of geomembrane in the market has been very good all the time, and with the continuous upgrading of production technology, its sales in the market have become more and more impressive.

2019/03/20 15:54

Market demand for geotextiles

Now many people are paying attention to this issue, because many large enterprises and construction teams now have a great demand for this kind of material. Generally speaking, if there is demand in business, there will be supply. If people need to get involved in a professional field, So the first question that people need to figure out is whether this industry field is already in a full state, and is there a large demand for this product?

2019/03/20 15:54

Where are geogrids mainly distributed?

Since my country introduced geogrid products from abroad in the 1990s, geogrid manufacturers have sprung up all over the country, among which Jiangsu Province was the first, and then Shandong Province. Starting with Jiangsu Province as the birthplace of geogrid manufacturers, Shandong Province began to make efforts around 2000, and a large number of geogrid manufacturers invested and built. After 2010, other provinces such as Hebei Province, Sichuan Province, Gansu Province, Xinjiang, and the three northeastern provinces also began to invest in some low-cost geogrid equipment. Where are geogrids mainly distributed?

2019/04/27 15:57

Tiancheng teaches you how to choose a suitable subgrade geogrid?

Building a roadbed is like laying a foundation for a building. If the roadbed is well repaired, the road surface will not crack and settle. As the saying goes, there is a cause and effect, and a good roadbed can withstand the rolling of heavy-duty and large vehicles, and the road surface is strong and durable. So, how to choose a suitable subgrade geogrid? Today, Feicheng Tiancheng Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. will answer this question in detail for you, and teach you how to choose a suitable subgrade geogrid, so as to ensure that you will not spend any money in the procurement process!

2019/04/29 15:59

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